Rents at 8 Chichester Place will be tied to CMHC city wide average rents. The initial rents in the Project will range from $587.40 to $979.00 for a one bedroom and $696.60 to $1,161.00 for a two bedroom. Hydro electricity is included in the rent but cable, phone, and parking will have an additional charge. Parking will be available for a charge of $75.00 per month.

As this building is being constructed as part of the City of Toronto’s Affordable Housing Program, the Landlord may only rent out the units to tenants whose incoming household income does not exceed 4 times the annualized rent. For example, if the monthly rent for the unit is $928.80, then the incoming household income cannot exceed $44,582.40

Further, as this building is being constructed for seniors, the Landlord may only rent these units to people who are 59 or older. If a unit is being rented to a family, then at least one member of the household must be 59 or older. If you meet both of these requirements and are interested in renting at 8 Chichester Place, then please select the waiting list tab to add yourselves to the building’s waiting list.